October 29, 2020

A campaign group will be protesting outside a community centre at the weekend, calling for it to be re-opened. The Telford West Indian Association Community Centre in Hadley, Telford, has been closed since 2017, after environmental health officers said the toilets were not up to standard. Now a separate group, Reclaim Telford West Indian Association is calling for the building to be reopened. A socially distanced protest will be held outside the Hadley building on Saturday. Donna Yee one of those taking part, said: "Our aim is to protest about the way in which the trustees of TWIA have locked the Community Centre for several years without any communication with the West Indian community or wider community. We want to reclaim our community centre. "There is a big West Indian community here, a lot of different interest groups from youth clubs to a sewing group which could use the building. There are also lots of people willing to get involved and help with fundraising and other tasks." Mr Verley Brisset from the Telford West Indian Association, said that the correct way to get involved was to join the Telford West Indian Assocation. "There is a correct process to follow and to be involved people have to join the association," he said. "We want to reassure the public that we are working hard to get the building reopened, hopefully in January," he said. "We had to close when Telford and Wrekin council told us we couldn't open because the toilets were not up to standard." "There has also been a legal issue about the ownership of the building. "However that has been sorted out and we are due to reopen in January." Mr Brissett said that there were also Covid restrictions that had to be followed before the building could reopen. "Anyone who would like to get involved should get in touch and apply to join our Assocation," he said.

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