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Ludlow and Telford make newspaper list of Britain's prettiest and ugliest towns

Two Shropshire towns have been named in a list of the prettiest and ugliest places in the UK in a list compiled by a national newspaper.

Top: Ludlow has been named as among UK's prettiest towns. Bottom: Telford is described as 'ugly'.

The Telegraph has ranked 1,250 towns in Great Britain by asking experts to rank each town on the pleasantness of their shop fronts, historic architecture, low traffic/litter, stunning viewpoints and plentiful greenery, culminating in a score out of 50.

The national newspaper named Ludlow as one of Britain's prettiest towns, giving it a score of 43/50.

The newspaper described the Shropshire market town as "an achingly English vignette of rolling hills, chocolate box rooftops, a lonely church spire and stocky grey castle turrets".

The town was ranked as Britain's seventh by the Telegraph, which said Lewes in East Sussex was the country's prettiest.

However, making the list of Great Britain's ugliest towns was Telford, which was given a score of just 17/50.

Travel expert James March said of Telford: "Napoleon spent his final years stranded adrift on the remote Atlantic island of St Helena, though he may have been even more miserable had he been subjected to Telford and its risible personality-free architecture."

He also criticised the town as "polycentric" with "no real town centre to speak of".

"Just a hodge-podge of dismal high streets, dour retail parks and a cookie-cutter urban sprawl," he said.

The Telegraph ranked Slough as Britain's ugliest town, giving the Berkshire conurbation just 12/50.