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Telford duck with crossbow bolt in its head is 'safe and well', public assured

Police have spoken out to reassure a concerned member of the community about Telford's famous duck with a crossbow bolt in its head.

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Picture: West Mercia Police

Officers at Telford Police say the duck, often seen at Holmer Lake, is safe and well and people should not attempt to catch it as local wildlife charities have assessed it and they are not concerned.

A spokesman for Telford Police said: "We have had a call from a concerned member of the community about our duck with the crossbow bolt in its head.

"Please be assured this duck is safe and well, please do not attempt to catch him.

"Local wildlife charities have been to assess and they are not concerned."

The bird was first spotted in November. At the time RSPCA inspector Claire Davey said: “It’s hard to believe someone would deliberately carry out such a cruel and callous act.

“It’s obviously an extremely distressing sight for people visiting the lake, but we’d like to reassure the public that we’re continuing to monitor the duck closely.

“Presently, he’s able to eat, swim, socialise and fly and has even been seen fighting with other males in the group. But he’s extremely wary of humans, and because of this he sits at the back when being fed."

She urged anyone with information about this shooting to call 0300 123 8018.

RSPCA officers will continue to keep a close eye on the mallard and the charity has asked members of the public to call again if he seems to be deteriorating. Currently, avian flu is a problem and the public are therefore urged to avoid picking up wild birds themselves.

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