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Final call to residents to get on board with 'Bus Bill' to improve rural transport

North Shropshire's MP has issued a final call for Salopians to get on board and back her petition to improve bus services across rural Britain.

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MP Helen Morgan

Helen Morgan is campaigning to improve public transport in areas like North Shropshire and is calling on people to support her ‘Bus Bill’.

The bill, she says, would help connect larger rural towns such as Market Drayton and smaller villages with key public services.

The Lib Dem MP is planning to present the petition to Parliament in the coming weeks and make clear to the Government the strength of opinion about bus provision in Shropshire.

So far, more than 2,000 North Shropshire residents have signed Helen’s petition, but the MP is keen for more people to back her call for better bus services ahead of presenting it to the House of Commons.

Helen Morgan said: “Shropshire is being held back by the lack of decent public transport in the county and it’s not fair. It’s time for the decline in bus services to be reversed.

“Sadly, waiting for the Government to take rural transport seriously is as frustrating as trying to travel from Market Drayton to Telford without a car.

“The lack of buses has a real human impact on access to health services, high street businesses, and job opportunities.

“Investing in public transport will boost the economy and improve lives for everyone across Shropshire and wider rural Britain.

"Getting on board and signing my petition will make it clear to the Government that the time for action is now."

She says her Bus Bill would ensure there are bus connections seven days-a-week to hospitals, schools, workplaces and railway stations.

Buses going from one large town to another would also serve local villages on the way.

As it stands, many residents are reliant on lifts from friends or sporadic community transport to get to hospital appointments or pharmacies.

Meanwhile only one bus route operates in the whole of Shropshire on a Sunday, meaning places like Market Drayton are cut off from public transport as they also do not have a train station.

The link to Helen’s petition can be found at