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Well here's one that needed remooving

Firefighters are known for having to rescue cats from trees – but this team in Shropshire had a more unusual assignment when a cow managed to get his head trapped inside a tree.

Firefighters work to release the cow from the tree. Pictures: Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service

A crew from Shrewsbury was first on the scene at Coseley Field, Monkmoor, before another team arrived from Wellington with specialist large animal rescue equipment which has been purchased recently.

Attempts were first made to release the animal using strops which were unsuccessful, meaning the harness, which has a quick release mechanism, was called into use.

It took an hour and a half to winch the young bullock from the tree yesterday lunchtime.

Neil Grove, Shrewsbury station manager for Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, said it had been a 'very strange incident'. "What he was looking for, I don't know and we don't know how long he was in there," he said.

"Manual lifting didn't work because of the way his head was trapped."

The cow with its head stuck in the tree

Mr Grove said it was normal to cover animals' heads during rescues to keep them in the dark for as long as possible as this helped them to stay calm.

But on this occasion, with the cow's head in the tree it was not necessary.

"His head was in the bottom of the tree which was quite dark.

"He was relatively calm while we were there. The cow ran off once we got him out – he didn't stay around to thank us!"

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