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Revealed: Shropshire's cheapest streets by postcode where prices are well below average

What are the cheapest streets to live on in your postcode?

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What are the cheapest streets in your postcode?

Home sales company Property Solvers uses Land Registry data to track the average sold price for homes located across the UK.

Earlier this week, we trawled through their data to reveal the streets with some of the priciest properties in their area.

Now, we've been looking at where you could grab a bargain with some of the cheapest average prices.

SY1 - Berwick Road, Shrewsbury

The three postcodes of Coton Manor make this Shrewsbury postcode the cheapest to possess.

Six recent sales here have resulted in an average house price of £72,291. The next cheapest on the list is Warrenby Close, at £87,000.

SY2 - Harcourt Crescent, Belvidere

Harcourt Crescent, Belvidere. Photo: Google

Three recent sales on Harcourt Crescent have made this the cheapest street to live on in Shrewsbury at £100,000.

Harcourt is followed by Mereside, with an average price of £119,700.

SY3 - Briery Lane, Bicton Heath

The houses on and around Briery Lane have clocked up an average price of £81,499 in recent years.

Next on the list are Alma Street and The Paddocks and £82,000 and £83,000 respectively.

SY4 - Castle Court, Wem

Eight recent house sales have put Castle Court as the cheapest road in the SY4 area, with an average price of £114,124.

Somerset Way at £116k and Cordwell Park at £132 follow it on the list.

SY5 - Morris Close, Condover

Six recent sales have meant the tiny road in the picturesque village of Condover is the cheapest in the SY5 area at £74,950.

Morris Close is followed by Oaklands View in Hanwood at £98,000.

SY6 - Bromleys Court, Church Stretton

Less than £1,000 separates Bromleys Court at £97,125 and the nearby Ashbrook Court (£98,166) at number two.

SY7 - Willow Grove, Craven Arms

Four sales in recent years have given Willow Grove an average house price of £92,750.

SY8 - Rocks Green Crescent, Ludlow

It's quite the leap from Ludlow's priciest street, Broad Street, which averaged sales of £829,375.

Six recent sales on Rocks Green Crescent have placed this little road as the cheapest, at £80,750.

SY9 - Harley Jenkins Street, Bishops Castle