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Revealed: The most expensive streets to live in your local Shropshire postcodes

What are the most expensive streets in your postcode?

Broad Street, Ludlow. Photo: Google

Home sales company Property Solvers uses Land Registry data to track the average sold price for homes located across the UK.

So we've dived into their data to reveal which are the most expensive streets in Shropshire.

The results should be taken with a pinch of salt, however, as some are actually villages, and data is skewed by the street or postcode area boasting one or two particularly pricey properties.

SY1 - Council House Court, off Castle Street

Three sales in recent years have made this patch of properties the most expensive in the SY1 area, with an average sale price of £705,666.

The street is closely followed by Swan Hill, with nine sales at an average of £702,222.

SY2 - Mayfield Gardens

Tucked behind Prestfelde Preparatory School, it's no surprise this tiny row of houses is towards the top. Four sales averaging £760,625 have put this street at the most expensive in the SY2 area.

It's quite a step up from second place, Sutton Road, which has an average house sale price of £582,500.

SY3 - The Mount

The Mount, Shrewsbury. Photo: Google

Easily the most expensive street in the entire of Shrewsbury, the road that boasts Darwin's birthplace has a staggering average house price of £1,450,000 from four recent sales.

Almost half the price is the second most expensive, Ridgebourne Road, with an average price of £790,500.

SY4 - The Whym, Wem

This is where problems in the data are revealed, as The Whym appears to be a very small collection of properties that aren't particularly pricey - but the road shares a postcode with nearby Shooters Hill Farm, which recently sold for a whopping £1.4m.

We think that's why The Whym has been named the most expensive street in the SY4 area - with an average price of £841,666 for three sales.

The postcode is followed by Waterside View in Mytton at £784,333 and the small hamlet of Little Ness at £680,500.

SY5 - Condover Park, Condover

A road so exclusive that the Google Streetview car didn't go down it - satellite pictures show sprawling houses, at least one of which appears to have an outdoor swimming pool.

Three sales in recent years have meant the average house sale price in Condover Park is £929,166.

The private road in Condover is followed by Cound Park Gardens in what was recently named the 'poshest' village in Shropshire. According to the data, three homes have sold here recently for an average price of £800,000.

SY6 - Wall Bank, Hope Bowdler

Three recent sales averaging £809,166 have put this road just outside 'Shropshire's Little Switzerland' of Church Stretton as the most expensive street in the SY6 area.

Wall Bank is closely followed by Church Stretton's The Meadows at £752,250 and Oakland Park at £698,600.

SY7 - Corfton

Less a road, more like a small village, Corfton has seen four sales averaging a price of £709,875.

Corfton is followed by other tiny villages in the data, including Cockshutford (£641,783) and Cheney Longville (£626,666).

SY8 - Broad Street, Ludlow