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Take a look at the rural road with '107 potholes' that even Amazon delivery drivers won't go down

A resident on a rural Shropshire road said the potholes are so bad, even delivery drivers and the postal service refuse to go down there.

Residents Muriel Lewis, Andrew Dudleston, Carol-Ann Dudleston and Phillip Dudleston

Carol Ann Dudleston says she has counted 107 potholes on the rural road that her family and three neighbours share in Habberley near Pontesbury.

The potholes on Coppice School Lane are so bad that even Amazon and other parcel delivery companies refuse to venture down there.

She said: "When people complain of potholes it’s usually a few on a road, but here we have a constant stretch of them on the whole road.

"I've counted 107 potholes and some of them are now a foot deep.