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Predator sexually assaulted unconscious woman then boasted - and told police it was consensual

A sexual predator has been jailed after he was filmed assaulting an unconscious woman - before boasting about what he'd done the next day.


Robert Bebb, also known as Nicholas Bebb, was videoed by a friend, molesting the woman while she was passed out at his home.

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard how he "took pleasure" in boasting about what he had done, and was only caught due to police discovering the videos when Bebb and his friend were arrested in connection with another crime.

Before the facts of the case were read in court by prosecutor Rob Edwards, two videos of the sex attacks were shown in private chambers to spare Bebb's parents, who were sitting in the public gallery, from witnessing exactly what he did.

Mr Edwards then told the court that 34-year-old Bebb and his friend were arrested on May 4 this year. During investigations, police examined the phone of the other man and found the two Snapchat videos.

One of the clips showed Bebb groping the victim and reaching his hand inside her clothes, while the other showed him performing a sex act on her while her head was hanging over the side of a mattress.

Police contacted the victim who told them she had visited Bebb's home and consumed "two or three" alcoholic drinks, but could not remember anything after that.

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