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Shrewsbury Town announce season ticket price freeze

Shrewsbury Town have frozen season ticket prices for the 2024-25 season – if fans buy them by the end of this month.


Town season tickets went on sale today with prices pegged for those who commit early.

The club are also looking at ways of helping fan who spread the cost of season tickets by paying by direct debit over the course of a number of months.

It comes as a pleasant surprise for supporters who had been warned to expect rises for the upcoming season.

Chief executive Liam Dooley announced the freeze, asking supporters to "come with us on the journey" by buying their early-bird tickets this month rather than the traditional March sales window.

In a video on the Town website, Dooley said: "We're really excited that tickets have gone on sale today. I think from day one when I joined the club, I talked about the fact that prices are rising, costs that we're incurring are going up.

"And I kind of put it out there that the prices would have to go up slightly as we went forward. And that was the plan originally as to what we were going to do.

"From our perspective, we did have a supporters' parliament meeting, fan engagement panel meetings subsequently, and the feeling in the room was if we could do anything to hold prices then we should.

"So we took a bit of time to go away and think about that and offset as much as we can and the decision to bring out the price freeze but only have it until February is our way of doing that."

Dooley, who took over the reins last year, added: "So we offer a freeze but we do ask supporters to come with us on the journey and actually bring the payment forward slightly this month by paying in February as opposed to what they might have done previously in March.

"But, hopefully, that decision of holding the price as it is has got a lot of favour with the supporters and that's what we want, to get as many people as we can down here supporting Paul and the team for next season.

"What I would also add is we've had a little bit of feedback over the weekend regarding supporters who pay by the direct debit options, so we're going to have a bit more of a look at that internally and see what we can do, because we understand that people pay off things in different ways.

"Bringing it forward does mean that we will have to be a little bit creative on that... if we can do something on that we will come back with an offer as soon as we can."

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