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Cat up a tree for two days decides to come down by itself after fire crew called

Cats have a mind of their own, and the one that was stuck up a tree in Telford definitely does.

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The feline was the centre of attention in a wooded area at Chapel Lane in Wellington for two whole days before the RSPCA decided to call in the fire service.

And so at 3.20pm on Friday Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service scrambled a crew from Wellington to the scene.

Fire fighters took a 13.5-metre (44ft) ladder with them and prepared to carry out that most iconic of fire fighter tasks, rescuing a cat from up a tree.

But a spokesperson for the service explained that the moggy decided to "come down of its own accord".

It was, apparently, in "reasonable health" after its off the ground adventure.

"It's what they usually do," explained the fire service spokesperson.

The fire service declared the incident over at 5pm.