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'We're incredibly proud': Heroic Telford teens sprang into action after woman collapsed in supermarket

Two quick-thinking Telford teens who sprang into action during a medical emergency in a supermarket have been commended for their "mature" response in a "scary" situation.

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Charlton School pupils Ocean Williams and Keegan Hopkins

Charlton School pupils Ocean Williams and Keegan Hopkins, both 16, rallied to help after a woman fell, hit her head and had a seizure in Iceland in Wellington town centre on Wednesday last week.

Ocean immediately phoned 999 and Keegan rushed to grab a defibrillator and medical equipment from an off-duty nurse's car.

Describing the drama, Ocean said: "An elderly woman in Iceland had a fall and started having a seizure. She'd smacked her head off a metal pole.

"Within seconds of her falling I was on the phone to paramedics."

Keegan added: "I didn't know until I've walked in and I've seen her body shaking. I noticed straight away she was having a seizure. My stepmum has epilepsy so I managed to catch the signs of it.