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Telford's Batman wants brave volunteers to do a Full Monty for charity

A Telford ex-serviceman is looking for a group of like-minded men who won't mind baring all for charity.

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Telford Batman, also know as Councillor Jay Gough, from Donnington in Telford

Jay Gough - aka the Telford Batman - is looking for six or more lads or any shape or size to help recreate the final moments of the hit film The Full Monty.

In the film's final scene a group of unemployed men proved they were ready for any job by stripping off in front of their wives and girlfriends. And it became the surprise feel-good movie of 1997.

Jay, who admits to having watched the film more around 400 times, said he had the fundraising idea while watching the movie again and enjoying a glass of wine at home with his wife Rachel.

With his kit on - Jay Gough

"Once I commit myself to something, I never back down," said Jay, who remains a parish councillor in Donnington but lost his borough council berth by an agonising 14 votes in May's local elections. He says he loves being a councillor because he loves the area.

He added: "One other guy, Darren Hassall, has volunteered so far, but if all else fails I will go down to the local barracks and get some squaddies.