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Paw-sitively inspiring: Disabled Frenchies 'wheelie' shine in calendar contest

A pair of disabled French Bulldogs from Shropshire have been picked to feature in a pet calendar.

Henri and Daphne, the two wheelin’ Frenchies

Henri and Daphne, a disabled French Bulldog duo from Waters Upton have won a spot in the 2024 Walkin’ Pets Calendar.

The adorable contests featured entries from 26 different countries and featured pets from around the world using their wheelchairs from Walkin' Wheels.

Henri and Daphne, who live with their owner, Abigail, in Waters Upton on the outskirts of Telford, were chosen from hundreds of entries.

Henri slipped a disk in his back in 2020 and while an emergency operation meant he was able to walk again, just one year later, he slipped a different disc in his back.

A second emergency surgery meant his spinal cord was too bruised, and it left him paralyzed.

Abigail said: “I think we knew the second time around his recovery was going to be different. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see him as he was such an active dog and loved his walks.

"He looked so depressed and sad until he got the green light from his specialist vet to get his first set of wheels.

"As soon as he was in his wheels, our Henri was back! It was probably the best day of our lives seeing him have his independence back. Running again, playing with his friends, and going on walks."

Abigail decided that since they were doing all of this for Henri, they knew they could help another dog in need and after being contacted by a disabled dog rescue, adopted Daphne, a 20-week-old Frenchie who was born with Swimmers syndrome.

Abigail said: “We bought her first pair of baby Walkin’ Wheels, which she took to straight away. It was incredible to see the bond they both have with each other, as I do genuinely believe they know they are both the same and love each other so much!”

The ninth annual calendar contest aims to raise awareness of pet mobility and celebrates the strength and spirit of handicapped animals.

All proceeds from the calendar will be donated to the Handicapped Pets Foundation to help disabled and injured pets in need to get wheelchairs.