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Agatha Christie plays take to the stage in Ludlow

Drama students will take two of Agatha Christie's stories onto the stage in Ludlow this month.

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SOUTH COPYRIGHT SHROPSHIRE STAR STEVE LEATH 01/03/2023..Pic in Ludlow at the College of Drama students, getting ready to put on a double production. Here with a scene from Personal Call is: Front: Katrina Preece 17 playing James and Honey Rogers 19 playing: Pam and then: Saskia Gravestock 16, Christopher Davies 18, Ashlee Hicks 17, Tom Mumford 17, Mo Evans 17 and Erin Hunt 18..

Ludlow College drama students are rehearsing 'Yellow Iris' and 'Personal Call' by Agatha Christie.

The plays take students back to the 1930s and 1950s and students have enjoyed going back in time.

Personal Callis set in the mid 1950s and is a chilling play centred around ghostly telephone calls.

A spokesperson for Ludlow College said: "James Brent receives a chilling telephone call seemingly from beyond the grave. His dead wife, Fay, is waiting for him at the very place she met her grisly end. At his new wife’s insistence, they go to meet her as requested and in the process discover a terrifying and disturbing truth. "

Meanwhile, Yellow Iris is set in a glamorous 1930s hotel restaurant and is centred around a poisoning that took place there.

Ludlow College drama students in a scene from Yellow Iris: Poison victim: Pauline, played by Eleri Gittins 17, and sitting: Amelia Crane 17, Lara Starkey 17, Fred Lovegrove 16, back: Rebecca McNally 16, Ewan Godfrey 16, Klara Andow 16..

The spokesperson said: "A distressed phone call from a mystery woman brings Hercule Poirot to the hotel Jardin des Cygnes, where a man commemorates the four-year anniversary of his wife’s sudden death – a death under very suspicious circumstances that Poirot himself witnessed.

"Gathered is everyone present on that fateful night and now Poirot must find a killer in the midst, before they strike again."

All are welcome to go along and enjoy the production. Ticket information is available from Ludlow College reception - either drop in to the College at Castle Square, Ludlow, or get in touch by phone on 0800 0321986.

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