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Artist installs trail of sculptures in rural Shropshire churches

An artist has installed sculptures in seven medieval churches in Shropshire to encourage people to visit them.

Each church has a different scuplture

Gemma Hughes has installed her artwork in rural Corvedale parish, east of Craven Arms.

Gemma, who grew up in the village but now lives in Powys, Wales, says she wants to encourage people to visit the churches and the "architectural glories" they contain.

Each church has a different scuplture

She said: "Maybe it can be likened to a treasure hunt, for not only has it got to be undertaken in the spirit of adventure as tiny Broadstone Chapel and Abdon are across small fields with sheep, but these ancient buildings are choc-a-bloc with architectural glories and are all so different. Most have great views too."

The churches that Gemma's artwork are on display are in Diddlebury, Tugford, Abdon, Holdgate, Broadstone, Munslow and Culmington, and Gemma's artwork will remain on display until October 30.