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Drivers 'ignoring road closed signs' to head up icy road at beauty spot

People living at a beauty spot in south Shropshire have urged sightseers not to use a scenic road during icy weather.

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The Burway on Thursday

Cars and a minibus have been abandoned on the Burway at Long Mynd, above Church Stretton, this week after sub-zero temperatures left the road in a treacherous condition.

The gate giving access to the road, which winds around the hillside, has been closed to traffic.

But local people say they have seen drivers ignore the closed signs, open the gate, then drive off not closing it behind them.

On Thursday police and the fire service had to escort the occupants of four cars back down to the main road after their cars were stuck on the ice.

Church Stretton Fire Service urged motorists not to attempt to used the Burwary.

"It's lethal up that road in the winter time," a spokesperson said.

"These people weren't local to the area but we managed to get to them and escorted them down safely, but had to leave the cars where they were as too dangerous to move."

But local people said despite the warnings drivers were still going onto the track.

One said: "One told me they wanted to go and see the snow. The trouble is once one or two vehicles have driven on it it is just like polished ice.

"People have lost their lives or been seriously injured when their cars have gone off the Burway. It's just ridiculous driving there in the ice."

While the weather forecast is for above freezing temperatures for the coming week, there is still a warning in place for ice for Saturday and the early hours of Sunday.