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Terry's photo exhibition in Church Stretton highlights climate change

An amateur wildlife photographer's exhibition later this month aims to put the spotlight on the effects of climate change.

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Male and female Redstart feeding nest by Terry Moore

Terry Moore, aged 64, describes himself as a "chef with a camera" who took to spending more time outdoors taking pictures as a way to keep sane while he was furloughed.

"I can't stand being at home and watching the telly," said married father-of-two Terry, who lives near Church Stretton. "The peace and quiet from walking and being in nature forces me to slow down."

Terry's exhibition, called My Wildlife Moments, will be held at the United Reformed Church's hall in Church Street, Church Stretton, on Friday, September 10, and Saturday, September 11.

"This year I have been focusing on capturing migratory birds and local wildlife," said Terry. "Because climate change is happening so fast the birds will have to adapt as the timings for habitats, plants and insects will change.

"There will be winners and losers in the contest for breeding and food."

Terry, who has a BSc degree in conservation, says migratory birds such as the redstart and the pied flycatcher are arriving ever earlier in the season because of climate change.

They are competing for nesting and space with local species and numbers are in decline as a result, Terry says.

Terry, who only this week lost his job as a chef in Church Stretton, says the exhibition will also give him the chance to see whether his photography could provide an income.

"I cannot sit still and will always look for work," says Terry. "Maybe I can work flexibly but I have time to wait and see how the exhibition goes before I decide. I would like to write a book or two."

Asked for his secret to a great picture, Terry said: "Apart from the technical aspects there is an amount of luck.

"Also if you can read a situation the percentage of luck needed goes down, which is about knowing what your subject is going to do."

Terry is often treading on the lesser known and used footpaths across the area in his search for the best wildlife picture. And his subjects include deer, foxes and birds.

He will be donating 50 per cent of any of the sales he makes at the exhibition to the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and its work supporting 40 free nature reserves.

Terry has received an endorsement for his work from fellow author and Shropshire photographer, Andrew Fusek-Peters. He said: “Terry is both a superb naturalist and accomplished photographer.

"In the last few years he has been delving deep into the south Shropshire landscape to capture intimate and beautiful images of wildlife. This is a photographer to watch!”

Entry to the exhibition will be free with doors opening between 9am and 4pm on both days.