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Shropshire family in double celebration as grandad and granddaughter both turn 21

This year's Leap Day means one Shropshire family is seeing two generations celebrate their 21st birthdays, despite having 63 years between them.

Grandad Norman Jones and granddaughter Katy Mason who are both celebrating their 21st birthday this year

On February 29 this year, Norman Jones will celebrate his 21st birthday - at the grand old age of 84.

The grandfather of four, who now lives in Hook-a-Gate near Shrewsbury, was born on February 29, 1940, in Asterley, near Minsterley.

2024 is a particularly special year for the Shropshire family, as this year, Norman is joined in his celebrations by granddaughter, Katy Mason, who turns 21 on another special day - April 1.

Being born on Leap Day is the rarest birthday of them all - a one-in-1,461 chance. Only about five million people (sometimes called 'leapers') around the world were born on February 29.