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Artist speaks out on Shrewsbury garden sculpture after locals criticise piece

The artist behind a controversial new sculpture in Shrewsbury's Dingle has responded to critics from the town.

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Artist Almuth Tebbenhoff

Residents of Shrewsbury have shared their thoughts on the new 'RedHead Sunset Stack' attraction, with one describing it as a 'Meccano set gone wrong'.

Almuth Tebbenhoff's sculpture will be on display until the end of August - as part of the Shrewsbury Arts Trail.

The art, described as a 'pile of scrap' by one resident, was previously showcased in London. It was brought to Percy Thrower's show garden in Shrewsbury by non-profit organisation Shrewsbury Arts Trail CIC.

And, after splitting the town over her sculpture, Almuth - who is the vice president of The Royal Society of Sculpture - has answered to her critics.

"Like everybody else I look for beauty," said the artist. "Life is as full of kinks and crumpled stuff as well as smooth and shiny things. For me it is important to combine the two.

"I sometimes wonder if it’s the emptiness inside the sculpture that bothers people.