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Shrewsbury restaurant owner overwhelmed after photo of empty tables sparks packed evenings

A restaurant owner who posted a picture of empty tables on a Saturday has been overwhelmed by the power of social media after scores of diners turned out in support.

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This Saturday the scene was very different with the restaurant packed to the rafters.

Earlier this month a despondent Jackie Smith, who runs Exo Poli in Shrewsbury, shared the photo of her empty restaurant, which is based Longden Road, on Facebook.

The post was accompanied by the caption "Unbelievably sad xx need to hang on for summer xx".

The message attracted a huge response from locals, and has seen the restaurant packed out over the weekend, with Jackie even starting to open on Thursdays as a result.

A post accompanying the image of the empty restaurant contrasted with the happy diners enjoying themselves on Saturday, said: "I hope you don’t mind me sharing this as a comparison for you all to see the power of people xx and I pray it will continue.

"Same tables but look what you have done."

Speaking to the Shropshire Star, Jackie, who set up the Mediterranean restaurant five years ago – just before Covid struck – said she was overwhelmed at the turnaround.