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Prom outfit donation drive to help students look amazing without breaking the bank

A secondary school is keen to ensure that all its final year students can enjoy their prom - without breaking the bank of mum and dad.

Prom dresses don't have to cost the earth

St Martins School near Oswestry is appealing for prom outfits to be donated to loan to students in future years.

Assistant head, Katherine Mooney said: "Many of us, myself included, have enjoyed celebrating our children's end of school prom.

"Dresses and suits can really be very costly. I am determined to make sure that all Year 11s who wish to take part are able to go and shouldn't need to see money as a barrier. So, I am hoping to gather donations of prom outfits to make our young people to feel as special as we know them to be.

"If you can help, then we will be collecting outfits at St Martins School - to say thank you, all those who are able to donate will be entered into a draw."

Mrs Mooney said many people had already donated.

"We are so proud to help make our young people feel super special without breaking the bank and to do so is doubly brilliant as it helps reduce waste and be environmentally conscious. This is why Fashion Takes Action has given us a boost by endorsing our work.

"My dream is to make sure all our pupils can attend prom feeling special and valued without feeling like they have to pay hundreds of pounds.

"We will also be much more ecologically aware."

She said there would also be fundraising events to bring the dream to life.

"We proudly stand by our strapline of 'chic and unique - fashion doesn't have to cost the earth'," she said.

The prom attire can be dropped off at the school foyer during the school holidays. To enter the draw drop the attire off by September 28.