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Devastated family says vaccines still matter after death of beloved grandfather from Covid

A woman whose father died before he was eligible to get his Covid-19 vaccines has stressed the importance of people still getting vaccinated if they haven't done so already.

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Colin Griffiths with his daughter, Katie

Katie Griffiths, 32, from St Martins near Oswestry, says Covid is still with us – and those most vulnerable still need protecting.

Her fit and healthy father, Colin Griffiths, died from Covid aged 58 in January 2021.

Last month her 10-year-old son, Elias asked to be taken to have his Covid jab because “his Grampsey couldn’t have his”.

Elias, 10 after having his jab

At the time of Colin’s death, he wasn’t yet eligible for the vaccine as the rollout had started with the most vulnerable moving down through the age groups and risk levels.

Katie said: “Sadly because of the devastating loss of my dad and Elias’ Grampsey we know all too well the pain this virus causes families. It was fully Elias’ choice to have his vaccine – it wasn’t my decision to make but he wanted to have it because his Grampsey had not been able to have his.

“I know that we are starting to hear less about Covid in the media but I just want to stress to people that Covid is still out there. My brother and his wife had it only just the other week, as well as good friends of ours.

“People still need to be cautious and getting vaccinated is one measure everyone who is able to have the vaccine can take to protect themselves and others. I don’t want people suffering the heartache that my family and I have.

“My dad was everything to me. He was my world and I miss him every single day. I can’t say what could have been if he had been vaccinated – but I know for myself when I had Covid, it was no more than a head cold and I’m confident that’s because I was vaccinated.

“My message to everyone is to get vaccinated if they can, it means you’re protected and you’re also protecting the people you love, as well as those who are vulnerable.”

Everyone aged five and over can get a first and second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Booster doses are also available for people aged 16 and over as well as at risk children aged 12 to 15. Spring boosters for people aged 75 and over, plus people aged 12 and over with a weakened immune system are also available, as well as additional primary doses for people with a severely weakened immune system aged 12 and over.

You can book your vaccine via the National Booking Service online, call 119 or alternatively, find a local walk-in Covid-19 vaccination site to get vaccinated without needing an appointment

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