Oswestry family devastated after four cats killed with anti-freeze

By Jonny Drury | Oswestry | News | Published:

An Oswestry mother is appealing for information after four of her cats were killed with anti-freeze.

Three of the cats that were killed

Rebecca Willsmer, who lives in Aston Close, discovered her cat Pluto on Sunday afternoon in considerable pain, and after a trip to the vets, the family were told he had been poisoned with anti-freeze and was to be put down.

Three other cats, Mouse, Dixie and Mimi were also discovered to be ill over the course of the next day, all having anti-freeze in their systems.

Miss Willsmer said the family and her children have been left devastated by the incidents and she is calling on others to provide any evidence.

She said: "The kids found Pluto on Sunday and he was crying, so we took him in and after blood tests they said they had to put him down.

"We thought it may have just licked it by accident, however the second cat came back and he was very ill, and they look almost drunk if they've had anti-freeze, so we took him in and it was the same outcome.

"Then we found another cat in the shed, she had taken herself there and died in the night which was the most upsetting.

"Then our other cat Mimi was sick on Monday, and we took her too the vet and they were just gobsmacked it had happened to a fourth cat of ours.

"It has been devastating really, my daughter doesn't react well to shock and stuff so it has hit her, and my son was up until midnight and it has affected him.


"I've been scared to go downstairs in case something else has happened, it has been horrible."

Miss Willsmer has reported the incidents to the police, and has been left overwhelmed by the response of the community.

People have been sharing her posts on social media, appealing for information and have gone as far as ringing the vets and paying her vets bills for her.

She added: "It has been amazing, we've been overwhelmed.

"People have been coming to our house with money for vets bills and coming with flowers and chocolates.

"Some people have even rung the vets and paid some of the bills, I can't believe it."

Jonny Drury

By Jonny Drury

Senior reporter covering Oswestry and Mid Wales.


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