Community group tackles 'increasing issue' of speeding in Market Drayton

A community group years in the making has taken to the streets of Market Drayton to reduce speeding and promote road safety.

Clive Luty, Andrew Swire and Kevin Read-Jones, of Market Drayton, have set up a Community Speedwatch group
Clive Luty, Andrew Swire and Kevin Read-Jones, of Market Drayton, have set up a Community Speedwatch group

The town's Community Speedwatch took to Dalelands Estate on Wednesday, to combat the "increasing issue" of speeding in the area.

The group formed after concerned residents noticed monitoring devices placed around the town were recording higher speeds each year.

A delay to their plans caused by the coronavirus pandemic meant the seven members were unable to complete their training and monitor vehicles until now.

The speed watchers will be wearing high-vis jackets and signs are erected ahead of where they are located.

Market Drayton resident Clive Luty, from the group, said he was happy to report they did not catch anyone breaking the threshold during their first day out.


"From the speed matrix boards up around the town, we've noticed the increasing issue of speeding," he said.

"With the lack of police presence we thought we'd have a go at doing it ourselves.

"On Wednesday we didn't need to report anyone, which is good – the highest registered was 31mph, which is well within the tolerance."

West Mercia Police has a speeding tolerance of 10 per cent plus 2mph.

Clive, 53, added: "People will see the yellow boards we put out and we're also wearing high-vis so we can't not be seen.

"It does give people a good chance to slow down – we saw a few cars braking when we're out so they see us and drop down."

Clive said there had been recent crashes in the town caused by speeding vehicles, and that more could be done to reduce the problem on Shrewsbury Road, which is 30mph.

"There is a speeding issue in Market Drayton," he said. "I've seen cars going well over 35 to 40mph on Shrewsbury Road, which unfortunately we're not allowed to monitor due to insurance, even though it is a 30mph limit."

The group is looking for more community-minded volunteers to help.

Anyone interested can contact Clive at or 07522 650400.

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