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'Diver' duck returns to the skies after Shropshire garden crash landing

A young duck that plunged into a Shropshire garden during the recent storms, has taken to the air again after being ringed to ensure he doesn't get into any more trouble.

The Great Northern Diver during his recovery

The juvenile Great Northern Diver was brought to Cuan Wildlife Rescue in Much Wenlock, after a vet had treated him following his crash landing in a garden.

Deb Bolger from the rescue centre said Great Northern Divers were migratory birds which come to UK waters for the winter from Greenland and Alaska.

"He was handed into a vets who took great care of him before handing him over to us to continue his rehab," she said, but added that they wanted to keep a record of the plucky duck before they set it free.

"We called James, a local bird ringer, to come give him a BTO ring. This way if he ever gets into trouble again the finder can submit this unique number to find out all his information.

"Bird ringing is an important part of avian conservation and we at Cuan try to work with local bird ringers as much as we can to help with scientific data and population monitoring."

She said the duck has since been released to a UK location where they knew there were other Great Northern Divers so he could join them.

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