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Road closed after lorry shed 20 tonnes of plastic between Shrewsbury and Much Wenlock

A main road has been temporarily closed after a lorry shed its load, strewing 20 tonnes of debris along the carriageway for several miles.

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Plastic was strewn across the road for several miles. Photo: Bridgnorth Police

Eyewitnesses report that broken glass and plastic littered a three or four-mile stretch of the A458 between Much Wenlock and Cross Houses on Thursday evening.

Witnesses reported seeing residents helping to clean up the rubbish.

On Twitter West Mercia Police's Operations & Control Centre said: "Road closures in place A458 Bridgnorth Road end to Beggarhill Brook Farm Junction Much Wenlock, Shropshire, near to Cross Houses due to 20 tonnes of debris across the carriageway.

Plastic was strewn across the road for several miles. Photo: Bridgnorth Police

One frustrated driver asked the lorry company to buy her new tyres after driving over the glass.

The motorist, who wished to remain anonymous, said she drives the road every day and wasn't surprised when she came across a traffic jam before Cross Houses as she often encounters tractors and accidents along the road.

"But I heard crunching under my tyres and when I actually looked at the other side of the road it was absolutely covered in what looked like shredded electrical goods, but I’ve since seen others think it was glass," she said.

"There was a Veolia lorry pulled over that must have not realised the back was open.

"Residents of the area were out brushing it off the road so I thought that would be the end of it - but it stretched all the way to Much Wenlock.

"I was about half way between the two when I stopped because I couldn’t quite believe it."

Drivers are being asked by police to take care when driving on this stretch of road, or avoid the area.