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GALLERY: Little ones bring colour to Shropshire and Mid Wales with rainbow creations

Children are painting Shropshire and mid Wales with a rainbow, or rather rainbows – hundreds of them.

Kelly Christine's picture of Caitlyn and Evelyn, 11 and 8, from Shrewsbury

A Facebook initiative, picked up by schools in and around the county, suggested that families draw and paint rainbows and put them in their windows.

There are nationalal social media pages and a local one, Chase the Rainbow in Telford, that has 745 members.

And the results are fantastic.

Ellesmere is one hotspot for the rainbows with those taking part including sisters seven-year-old Tilly and four-year-old Emily Willsmer, nine-year-old May Lewis, nine-year-old Charlie Griffiths and six-year-old Eloise Pearson, who made a stained-glass window style rainbow.

Sam and Ben Edwards from Oswestry asked people to smile under their rainbow photo and in Bayston Hill, brothers, eight-year-old George and six-year-old Ellis Alton were proud of their works of art.

In Whittington the whole family got involved in the Fosbrook house with brothers Archie and Barney joined by mum and dad Emma and Mark while children at Little World Nursery, Newtown, added handprints to their huge rainbow poster.

Lily-May, aged nine, and Jack, aged five, from Highley created their rainbows in their first art session of home schooling while Caitlyn, aged 11, and Evelyn, aged eight, from Shrewsbury made the most of the good weather to paint outside.

Nicola Porter and her four sons made a huge chalk rainbow on the side of their house in St Georges in Telford and Ruby, aged 10, and Jacob, aged 4, from Shrewsbury made rainbows on their garden path.

Cerys Bennett, 9, of Shrewsbury has decided to colour in a rainbow for every day her family is on lockdown.

An unknown artist placed a rainbow on a road sign in Cheswardine, near Market Drayton.

Anne Field spotted it and posted a picture to social media, saying: "What a lovely rainbow, thank you to whoever put it there.

"Keep smiling Cheswardine. We’ll get through this."

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