Farming Talk – January 11

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From 7:45am the trailers start to roll into Knighton Market.

Jenny Layton Mills, partner at McCartneys

While it’s the hub of livestock trade in the area it also has another extremely important role in the community – bringing everyone together.

Despite it being a very hectic few hours the McCartneys staff always find the time to catch up with the local farmers. Farming can be such a lonely job, often spending up to 10 hours a day working alone and quite often this can have a detrimental effect. It provides a social hub and a place for everyone to converge, have a laugh and exchange stories.

With the sale being the main focus of the day a loudspeaker announces it’s due to start. However, with the cosy canteen providing a hot breakfast and a cuppa, it’s always essential to make a call in there too. Not only will the mouthwatering smell of sausages and bacon greet you but the air is filled with snippets of tales being swapped, advice sought and family members enquired about

The market quickly wraps up and almost becomes deserted within a few minutes after the sale has finished, but it’s provided so much in those few hours. It’s an essential place for the rural community.

Jenny Layton Mills is a partner at McCartneys

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