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'Shadow figure' caught on camera as Telford ghost hunters spend night in hotel

Ghost hunters from Telford spent a night in an historic Midlands hotel where things have been going bump in the night.

The Talbot Hotel, High Street, Stourbridge

Tracey Druce and her husband Andy Lindon, of Conjure Quest Paranormal Investigations, recently teamed up with Black Country History Hunter Jamie Beddard to explore The Talbot Hotel in Stourbridge.

The overnight lockdown investigation, which was streamed on social media, saw the trio experience a few eerie moments as they attempted to contact the dead.

Tracey Druce and her husband Andy Lindon of Conjure Quest Paranormal Investigations

Over the course of the night, Tracey reported feeling a spirit breathing in her ear, while Jamie captured a "shadow figure" moving through a door at around 4am.

Watch the moment below:

When asked about what drew them to the Talbot Hotel, Tracey said: "We heard people's stories. People were saying it's haunted and people have seen spirits there.

Shadowy figure caught on camera by Jamie Beddard

"It started off with stories around 'Room 19', but the numbers on the rooms have since been changed around. We watched a video and 'Help! My House is Haunted!' filmed an episode there in 2017 and 2018 before it was closed.

"Since then we have been trying to get a look in there to do an investigation ourselves.

"The new owner said that staff had seen things and heard things and she gave us free reign of the hotel so we went down at around 7pm.

"We had no idea what to expect and we didn't expect that – it was unbelievable."

Jamie Beddard, Black Country History Hunter

Tracey said that they didn't get much in the way of footage in the hotel tunnels, but said they did get some "interesting" responses in the ballroom.

The Talbot Hotel has stood in Stourbridge's main street since the early 17th century when it was a town house for the well-known local family, The Foleys.

Tracey and Andy will be returning to The Talbot Hotel this week to explore further.

To watch the full investigation, visit Black Country History Hunter on Youtube.