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Student gets creative in celebration of Pride month

It has been the symbol that epitomises the spirit of the British people in 2020.

Alana Andrews has painted a huge rainbow on the side of her house along Shrewsbury Road, Craven Arms. It's in support of Pride month and as an ally to LGBTQ+ communities

The rainbow is a long-used image used by the LGBTQ+ community and this year has also spread hope during the dark days of lockdown.

Student Alana Andrews took the opportunity to get creative after being forced to return to her home in Shropshire because of the coronavirus crisis.

She brought all the colours of the rainbow to the house to coincide with the end of Pride month.

Alana with sister Liea and mum Caroline

Alana says the rainbow, with clouds and butterflies, has brought a smile to people's faces as they drive or walk by he house in Shrewsbury Road, Craven Arms.

The 20 year-old, who attends Oxford Brookes University, is normally stuck in a book, solving maths problems for her mechanical engineering degree, so took the chance to get creative once again during lockdown.

"I am so fond of drawing and painting," she said. "With lockdown, uni stopped so I got a bit bored. Everything has been put on the back burner a bit really.

Alana also painted some sunflowers on the wall at the rear of the house

"My dad always said he wanted a really bright coloured house. While I had all this spare time, I wanted to do something. We painted the house blue, and I thought I may as well put something on it.

"I painted a rainbow with little butterflies and clouds so it's a nice picture. To reach the higher parts, I got a ladder and had to lean over the porch a bit to get to them."

Alana said it is important to celebrate Pride all year round and the rainbow on the house represents that. Celebrations in Pride month are adorned with rainbows of all types, which have become the symbol of the movement, celebrating inclusiveness.

Alana with sister Liea and mum Caroline

She said: "We just wanted to make it bright and to put a smile on people's faces – we have had a lot of cars driving past giving us a honk.

"I also painted some sunflowers on the back wall of the house. In January, one of my friends sadly passed away and sunflowers were his favourite, and they're my favourite as well, so I thought it would be nice to do a little tribute to him."

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