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Shropshire’s Pippa Hughes set to star in Bollywood movie she helped create

Shropshire's Bollywood queen Pippa Hughes could be starring in a film she has written for the first time after linking up with a top Indian actor.

Ludlow's Pippa Hughes has written a medieval trilogy of films with Bollywood veteran Mukul Dev.

The Ludlow actress has penned a full action medieval trilogy with veteran star Mukul Dev, set in 15th century England, Europe and India, based around the voyage of Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama, who became a vilified figure in India after brutally clashing with local traders.

It will be the second time Pippa will have linked up with Mukul after the successful 2018 Netflix series 21 Sarfarosh.

She is back in Shropshire to finish off writing the end of the second film and get started on the third.

Pippa Hughes, during a break in filming for Guest In London.

The 24-year-old said: "I had this script idea for three or four years. I pitched it to Mukul on set and he liked it. We started writing it a little bit and it we just knew it was happening. The different twists and turns were just flowing.

"It's a really complex story which deals with racism and sexism in history.

"It's about the early exploration of the new world and early issues with multiculturalism."

Mukul, a renowned bad boy in Bollywood films, is currently carrying out discussions with independent producers, and the duo are confident that a deal will be struck, with the hope that filming will begin from September onwards.


Pippa kept her cards close to her chest on the full details, but said her character will have multiple layers, and it will be her toughest challenge to date.

She said: "I've done a couple of lead roles, but none as large as this. This is a huge character."

After being nominated for an Indian Television Academy Award at the end of last year, the nation's equivalent of the BAFTA's, Pippa has also filmed her first Pakistani movie, and has been working on a web series to be released in May.

She's also taught Bollywood dances classes around the UK, including at her old club, Insteps, in Ludlow.

"That went really well," she said. The kids were amazing. I felt like they really enjoyed it. There were a couple of people interested in going out there so I was able to give them a bit of advice."

But despite her meteoric success, Pippa can always rely on her mum and dad to bring her back down to earth.

She said: "They all think I'm mad. My mum and dad keep asking me why I don't get a proper job and just stay here, but this is what I love.

"I got this massive trophy for an event I did, and I brought it home and we don't know what to do with it. It's huge and all the writing on it is in Hindi. My dad asked if I knew what it meant, I said not really, and he said it could say Bollywood's worst actress!"