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TV's Clive Anderson hopes to explore Shrewsbury during visit for solo show

TV chat show host and presenter Clive Anderson will be bringing his solo show to Shrewsbury later this month.

Clive Anderson

Called Me, Macbeth & I, the organisers say the one-man stage show is guaranteed to be funnier than Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, more historically accurate than 24 hours of fake news and less divisive than Brexit, Scottish independence and Donald Trump put together.

Mr Anderson, a former barrister who became a popular and witty TV host, said he's looking forward to "kicking around" Shropshire's county town for a few hours before the show at Theatre Severn on June 16.

He said: "I enjoy seeing different places. You don’t get an in-depth knowledge, obviously, if you swan in and swan out but I try to make the most of my time in towns and cities.

"Years ago I used to be a barrister and you do a similar amount of travelling in that job - not the whole time but certainly in my early days I used to go around courts in London, Oxford, Chelmsford and where have you.

"It occurred to me soon after I stopped doing that and was doing more work in the media - in television and radio - that your perspective actually gets narrower in a way.

"You think about barristers being out-of-touch but you’re much more in touch with things in that job because you travel around a lot. Now I’m doing the tour I at least see places.

"Sometimes you don’t stay very long but sometimes you have a few hours to kick around and I find it interesting to do some exploring."

As a TV presenter Mr Anderson fronted 10 series of Clive Anderson Talks Back on Channel 4 and four series of Clive Anderson All Talk on BBC 1.

As well as presenting several other TV and radio programmes, he has made many guest appearances on shows such as Have I Got News For You, QI, Mock the Week, Countdown and Fighting Talk.

He has fronted other programmes covering current affairs, sport, science, history, music, art and literature, including this year, Mystic Britain, now on the Smithsonian Channel. He currently presents Loose Ends and Unreliable Evidence, both on BBC Radio 4.

An award-winning and versatile broadcaster and comedy writer, Mr Anderson began his success during his 15-year legal career with stand-up comedy and script writing, before rising to fame as the host of Whose Line Is It Anyway? on radio and then television and winning the 1991 British Comedy Award.

No stranger to the stage, Mr Anderson has hosted innumerable live events and award ceremonies for BAFTA, London EveningStandard, Chortle, the Olivier Awards and others in London and overseas. Recently he was on stage in the Winner’s Curse at the Park Theatre in London.

He also presents his podcast My Seven Wonders in which he interviews comedians, actors writers and others about their choice of 'wonders'.

The tour has been arranged by Broken Robot Productions and So Comedy by arrangement with Curtis Brown.

For tickets visit or the Theatre Severn website and box office.