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Broseley-born bassist of Napalm Death celebrates 35 years of extreme metal

Having been a member of one of the most extreme bands in the world, at 55, the Broseley-born bassist of one of the world's most extreme metal bands says he still has a need to be "fast and loud".

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Shane Embury of Napalm Death who is from Broseley

Shane Embury was born in the Shropshire town in the late 1960s, but for the last 35 years he has been the bass player of the West Midlands grindcore metal outfit, Napalm Death.

Shane has just written an autobiography, detailing how he went from being a shy Shropshire schoolboy to a member of one of the world's most extreme bands.

The Broseley bass player, who has now moved back to his home town with his wife and their two children after a life on the road, said he decided to reflect on the last 35 years during lockdown.

Shane Embury

He said: "When the pandemic kicked in, I hadn't been at home for years. And I thought, I went from a small village from Broseley to it being on tour non-stop for the last 35 years and suddenly realised, wow, I'm now 55."

He said his love for music came from primary school as well as his mother, who got him into bands such as Black Country glam rockers, Slade.