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GALLERY: Bridgnorth walker spreads joy through photos

A photograph collection featuring more than 1,000 pictures of people spreading joy and support for the NHS will soon be on display at hospitals and GP surgeries throughout Bridgnorth.

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Katie Pumphrey

Katie Pumphrey pledged to bring a smile to people every day throughout lockdown, snapping a photo of joyful Bridgnorth residents while on her daily allowance of exercise.

Living in Low Town, Katie now has a gallery of more than 1,000 photos to show for it and has even had a number of requests to pass by the homes of vulnerable people self-isolating who have not seen another person for months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The mother of one said the project started when her T-shirt showing support for health workers, designed by Faraday Drive-based Corporate Togs, gained the attention of fellow residents.

She said: "I was walking up Cartway in a top with 'Thank You NHS' written on it and people started stopping me and clapping me along – I just thought how nice this was and took it from there.

"I pledged to go out every night getting smiles, heart symbols, waves and a thumbs up until lockdown is finished and I've done it every day come rain or shine."


Katie plans on publishing her pictures of people throughout the town in a hardback photo album to go into GP surgeries and hospitals.

She added: "What soon became apparent was that I was meeting people sat by their doorsteps that hadn't seen anybody in weeks as they weren't able to go out.

"I started getting requests to walk by the houses of family members, who were maybe disabled or couldn't leave the house, to spread positivity and the response I've had has been amazing.

John and Sarah Berrill

"Thank you very much to the ambulance drivers from Bridgnorth Hospital, who have also been flashing their lights and showing their appreciation every time they see me.

"I'm crying silent tears of pride – I'm proud of everyone in Bridgnorth and what they've been doing throughout this pandemic."

Katie's 'Thank You NHS' T-shirt was designed by Corporate Togs, which is donating 10 per cent of each sale to the NHS.

"They've been going about 10 years and employ 12 local people," Katie added.

"I wanted to show support for the NHS but also help a local company and inject a bit of money back into Bridgnorth's economy wherever possible."

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