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Camera club takes a snapshot of a year in the life of Bridgnorth

A Shropshire camera club has documented life over a year of one of the county's market towns, to celebrate the club's 70th birthday.

The Birgdnorth walk in 2022

The Bridgnorth & District Camera Club created a similar archive of photographs over a 12-month period in 1987, when the members documented life in the town on photographic film.

That archive was later offered to Bridgnorth Library.

As last year marked seven decades since the club was founded, members decided to create a similar "photographic time capsule" archive using modern, digital photography.

The archive has now been uploaded to the club's website and contains hundreds of images ranging from the shops and buildings of Bridgnorth, to the nature, culture and various events in the town that took place in 2022.

The archive also contains images that can be compared to those taken 35 years earlier.

A spokesman for the club said: "Somebody had the idea of revisiting what we did in 1987 with digital photography and recording any and every aspect of Bridgnorth town and its community.

"It is hoped that this project will provide a record of life in an English market town in 2022 that might be of interest, both in itself and in comparison with photographic records from other times, both past and future.

"Obviously, since 1987 there has been a lot of building and changes to the town but also one thing you notice is that the vegetation has changed too and grown a lot."

Bridgnorth club members who took pictures for the 2022 archive include John Burrows, John Chapman, Gayle Fitzpatrick, Alan Gwilt, Louise Holland, Robert Palmer, Mike Purnell, Andy Sibley, David Talbot, Ralph Walker, Tim Walter and Pauline Wellings.

The club, which has 30 current members, say new people are always welcome, regardless of ability behind the camera.

The Bridgnorth & District Camera Club's 2022 digital archive is available to access online at