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Town's textile talent on display at Shrewsbury sewers show

A textile design competition and exhibition has been taking place in a Shropshire town centre this week.

Shrewsbury Drapers textile design competition and exhibit attracted over 160 submissions. Pictured: Chair of the Drapers Design Committee, Gaynor Bowen

The Shrewsbury Drapers, a charitable group that provides housing for the elderly in Shropshire, have invited savvy sewers to exhibit their work as part of an annual textile competition.

This year was the first time the exhibition has been held at the town's museum and art gallery. The week-long exhibit was held with much success at St Mary’s Church in the town last year.

This year's exhibition features a range of work from entrants of all ages, from school children to adults.

Shrewsbury Drapers textile design competition and exhibit attracted over 160 submissions

Entrants were asked to create a piece, including wall hangings, clothing or rugs, on this year's theme of 'Beneath the Waves'.

Shrewsbury Drapers committee member, Jenny Redford, said she was blown away by the talent displayed in the submissions, totalling more than 160.

She said: "There were so many beautiful pieces, we were thrilled to bits with how amazing it looked and how many people submitted their work. There was rather a lot to get through and the judges had quite a task.

"Most of the entrants were key stage four, students aged from about 14 to 16. We were amazed at their work, they were absolutely fantastic, we were all so impressed.

"You've only got to look at the contributions to see the wonderful talent and potential of young people."

Children, teenagers and adults all submitted entries to the exhibit on the theme 'Beneath the Waves'

Entries were judged by textile and design experts, Stephanie Jebbitt and Robin Aurora, with presentations made to winners on Tuesday, November 23.

Shrewsbury Drapers began as a trade organisation founded in 1462, whose members dealt in wool and cloth. It remained as a trade guild until the early 19th century when the Reform Acts took away the power of the trade guilds and the trade ceased.

Since then, the Drapers have continued as a charity that runs almshouses in Shrewsbury.

The exhibit is open to the public until Sunday, November 27 at the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery between 10am and 4pm. Entry is free.