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Meet cute cats in their 'retirement village' at rescue centre's open day

A Shrewsbury-based cat rescue centre is opening its catflaps to kitty lovers this weekend for an open day.

Shelter assistant, Juliet Gibbons, in the shelter's retirement home with one of the longest serving residents, 17-year-old Koop

Shropshire Cat Rescue in Bayston Hill provides shelter, food and veterinary care for homeless, stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens.

The centre recently made headlines with its successful Paws for Ukraine project, which filled a lorry with animal aid to help the refugee and abandoned pets of the war-torn country.

The open day this Saturday, August 20, will allow guests to chat with volunteers about the shelter and the work they do, learn how to make a difference in cats' lives in Shropshire and meet the residents available for adoption.

One cat available for cuddles is one of the centre's oldest residents, 17-year-old Koop, who lives in the rescue's retirement village.

Visitors will need to book a time between 12pm and 4pm to visit. Parking is available nearby at Hillside nursery.

For more information and booking, visit or contact 01743 872857