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Plenty of kidding around for half term with 10 new arrivals at Telford's Exotic Zoo

There will be plenty of kidding around at Telford's Exotic Zoo this half term after a bumper litter of new arrivals.

Simon Foster, Scott Adams, Mel Garton and Jasmine Joy with some of the baby goats

The zoo's pygmy goats have all had kids, with each of the mums having twins.

It means that the zoo has now got 10 manic pygmy goat kids, all finding their feet and having plenty of fun in the process.

Scott Adams, owner of the zoo, said they were thrilled at the new arrivals, who have been keeping everyone entertained as they spring and somersault their way around their new home.

While the one male, Phillip, rules the roost in charge of the herd, the five females have incredibly each had twins, for the first time ever.