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Dinosaurs coming to Telford as new museum complete with prehistoric skeletons gets set to open

Dinosaurs are on their way to Telford as the region's first natural history museum gets set to open.

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Scott Adams has announced a new exhibition with dinosaur skeletons

Visitors to Telford Exotic Zoo will be able to step back in time and see everything from real dinosaur skeletons to fossils from millions of years ago.

Scott Adams, from the Exotic Zoo, based at Telford Town Park, said it had always been his dream to open such a museum.

That is set to become reality in July.

Scott said zoos concentrated on the living and he wanted to show visitors how animals and other creatures have evolved from prehistoric times.

"There isn't a natural history museum anywhere near here," Scott said.

"When I found out that Dippy the Dinosaur at the National History Museum is a cast of not one but six different dinosaurs I was a little disappointed."

"I had an idea that maybe we should have a museum here and that is now becoming a reality.

"When our natural history museum opens we will have real dinosaur skeletons."

The fossil of an ichthyosaur

Already waiting to go on display is a baby psittacosaurus dinosaur - or parrot lizard - and the zoo is eagerly awaiting the arrival of an adult skeleton.

"We are also having the most detailed model of a psittacosaurus, complete with quills on its tail, that will ever have been made," added Scott.

Staff are also excited about plans for the head of a T-Rex to take centre stage at the museum.

"There are experts currently working to merge a cast of a T-Rex head with real bones from a T-Rex skull," Scott said.

Other exhibits are expected to include dinosaur eggs, fossils galore and the remains of prehistoric creatures that evolved into the crocodiles of today.

Scott shows the jaw of an extinct crocodile, the dyrosaurus

The deputy mayor of Telford and Wrekin, Councillor Arnold England, congratulated the Exotic Zoo on its success and its growth over the years.

"The Exotic Zoo does some incredible work. I remember bringing my grandchildren and having wonderful days out," he said.

Scott said: "We work hard to mix our passion for educating people with an immersive experience to engage and excite people about our amazing planet and the animals that call it their home.

"When we were open as an educational centre I always wanted to open to the public."

He said the zoo was working with several experts to put together the museum.