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Shropshire visiting farm welcomes 12 adorable new piglets in two batches

Two lots of adorable piglets have been born at a Shropshire attraction, just two weeks after the death of the popular pig that sired them.

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A litter of piglets have been born at Scotty's Donkeys and Animal Park in Norton. Pictured is owner Tony Scott.

The twelve adorable piglets, who are yet to be named, were born at Scotty's Donkeys and Animal Farm to Penny and Pepper three weeks ago. While both sows had seven piglets, only six from each litter have survived.

The piglets' father, Stitch, was a beloved member of the farm, having been hand-reared by the farmers. However, he did not live to see his two litters born.

Now there are 16 cute piglets in total at the Norton farm on the Apley Estate, and anticipation is building as baby goats are due at the farm any time soon.

Scotty's Donkeys also has calves and they plan on offering sessions from January where members of the public can bottle-feed the calves themselves.

The farm claims the experience is unique and know of no other farm in the country which offers this.

Staff are also preparing to get festive, with the owner, Tony Scott, due to dress up as Santa and take the donkeys into Bridgnorth for a special event on December 21, near The Looking Glass on Bank Street.

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