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New sketch puts Greg Davies through most challenging audition yet for Red Nose Day

One of the region's biggest comedians has helped launch this year's Red Nose Day campaign with a sketch that sees him take on his most challenging audition yet.

Greg Davies vs kids is a new and exclusive comedy sketch which sees the Taskmaster put through his paces in bid to Do Something Funny for Money this Red Nose Day

The new, exclusive online sketch released today, sees comedian Greg Davies, from Wem in Shropshire, put through his paces by a group of mischievous school children, as he attempts to land a part in this year’s Red Nose Day campaign.

The film hopes to inspire the nation to wear their Red Noses with pride this Red Nose Day which returns on Friday, March 15.

In the sketch, which can be viewed on YouTube, Greg is seen patiently waiting in the reception area of Comic Relief HQ ahead of a meeting with some of the charity’s executives.

Here, his interest is drawn to a steely-eyed, determined group, seen channelling their best Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada), as they march past the comedian.

Confused and perplexed, Greg is soon summoned to the boardroom, where the reality of the situation quickly hits home.

If this former teacher was to have any chance of securing a part in this year’s Red Nose Day campaign, he was going to need to impress his old adversary - schoolchildren.

The group of executives, aged between six and 10, launch straight into a series of questioning, from ‘what are you famous for?’ to ‘how are you a comedian if you’re not so funny?’.

The questions leave him puzzled, but with no choice but to persevere, relying on his powers of persuasion, humour, and wit.

Batting away question after question, Greg still has high hopes of winning over the demanding and unruly committee members in this battle of the ages.

However, patience and interest soon begins to wear thin among some of the committee’s harshest members who seem unconvinced by the comedic star.

Seemingly on the brink of losing the room, Greg’s hopes take a positive turn when he is tasked with reading a script for the voiceover of an upcoming advert about Comic Relief’s new Red Noses, the funniest and most sustainable collection to date.

Will this be enough to save the comedian? Will the interrogators' masks slip as joy and laughter sees through?

Greg Davies said: “When my agent first told me I’d be meeting a small committee of Comic Relief execs, your mind naturally goes in one direction - ‘a nice informal chat over coffee with Sir Lenny Henry and Richard Curtis'. You say 'of course, clear the diary and I’ll grab my Red Nose’.

"I didn't think to take it quite so literally, yet I couldn’t have been more wrong, could I?

"Though if I’m being totally honest, it’s not the strangest audition in my time.

“Filming the sketch took me right back to my teaching days on Red Nose Day, the chaos of it all and the feeling that kids were taking a bit of ownership.

"It was brilliant. For me, Red Nose Day was always a lot like the phenomena of there being a dog in the school, something that used to drive the children crazy in the most amazing way.

"Helped by everyone wearing a big, silly looking Red Nose on their hooter, there was just a positive lunacy to it all that'd make for such a special atmosphere.

"It’s something I’ll always remember very fondly.

“Comic Relief is such an amazing charity that does incredible work, especially at a time when poverty is unfortunately such a big part of so many people’s lives.

"If anything, it feels more relevant and pertinent than ever, so I’m delighted to be taking part... even if it does mean being dealt the crushing blow of rejection by a six-year-old.”

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