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Meet the man you hear on Strictly Come Dancing every week - but rarely see

There’s no other British artist who plays to a larger TV audience than him.

Tommy Blaize

For three months of every year, he plays to an audience of millions. He’s the guy whose voice every knows – yet he’s also the guy who not many people know about.

Tommy Blaize is the voice of Strictly Come Dancing, the soulful man with the golden pipes who dazzles weekly with his stunning voice. And he’s been there for 20 years. Simple as that.

As lead singer of the BBC Strictly Come Dancing band, Tommy's powerful yet sensitive performances have helped create some of the most memorable TV moments of recent times. Singing live to a live audience every week, Tommy’s soulful sound is etched in the public consciousness.

He began his singing career at the tender age of nine with The Blaize Brothers, alongside siblings Tony and Darrin, where he first learnt to sing in front of a live audience, playing in clubs across the North-West of England for six years in the 1970s.

In a career spanning a remarkable 50 years, Tommy has gone on to work with some of the world’s most legendary and renowned artists, from Diana Ross to Queen; The Beach Boys to Amy Winehouse; Joe Cocker to Stevie Wonder. The list is as long as it is impressive.

With talent like his, and exposure like that, it’s remarkable that he isn’t a household name in his own right. Yet now, as he enters his 60th year, he’s putting all that right.