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BBC presenter Nick Owen returning to Midlands Today after cancer treatment

TV presenter Nick Owen is returning to Midlands Today on Monday after surgery for aggressive prostate cancer.

Nick Owen. Photo: BBC

The Midlands Today presenter was diagnosed in April and has been receiving treatment ever since and recently had an operation.

The 75-year-old said: "I'm a bit fragile still but so much better than I've been in the last few months.

"So this is a landmark time for me."

Nick celebrates 50 years in broadcasting in November but admitted being nervous on his return to our screens for one day a week.

He added: "I'm slightly apprehensive, but once I've done the first one it's like the old getting back on your bike again, it should be fine. But it is slightly daunting, the thought of it. I think my heart will be beating that little bit faster than usual."

After having an operation Nick is hoping to get the all clear.

He said: "It's a bit of a tense time waiting to hear."

Nick, who lives in Kinver with his wife Vicki, thanked family, friends and colleagues for their support.

He said :"It's meant so much because your body and your mind takes a mighty battering when you go through something like this.

"I now know from first hand how incredibly debilitating it is and demoralising and lowering and how vulnerable you feel. These last few months have been really incredibly tough and challenging but I've learned an awful lot about the kindness of people and how people care and are there to support you."

Charity Prostate Cancer UK said there was a massive surge of men getting themselves checked out after Nick revealed he had the disease.