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Hugh Jackman reveals Wrexham's rival clubs offered him co-ownership amid Ryan Reynolds' purchase

Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman has revealed Wrexham's rivals offered him co-ownership when Ryan Reynolds bought the club.

Hugh Jackman joked that he wants to play against Wrexham 'to stick it to Ryan Reynolds'. Image: BBC

In an interview with Laura Kuenssberg on her Sunday show, Hugh Jackman joked he would try out for one of Wrexham's rival teams "to stick it to Ryan Reynolds".

The Wolverine star said various clubs offered him a seat on the board after Ryan Reynolds became a co-owner of Wrexham AFC alongside fellow actor Rob McElhenney.

Jackman said: "I will admit to you that when Ryan bought that team, I did get more than one offer from rivals to that team for £1 to come in as a co-owner and it did seriously tempt me.

"I have decided to go one step further, I am actually going to try out for the team.

"I think if I really want to stick it to Ryan Reynolds... I think it would be best if I was heading in the winner."

For several years the pair, who appeared together in Deadpool 3, have engaged in a comedic feud.

Wrexham have been on a remarkable journey under their Hollywood honchos, and no doubt other teams are keen to bag themselves a superstar owner.

Despite Kuenssberg's probing, Jackman remained tight-lipped about the teams that offered him a share.