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Wolves fan proves a hit online as he pays tribute to club during wedding speech

For newly-wed Drew Morris his wedding day was a real chance to express his love – as a true Wolves fan.

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Adam Morris told the joke about Wolves being taken over by Fosun in 2016 as part of his wedding speech. Photo: Sophie Liana Morris

Drew was filmed making his wedding speech following his marriage to Sophie and after starting with a joke about cold water and 'keeping it short', he began to speak about the most important part of the speech.

In the TikTok video, which has been liked more than 7,500 times, Drew, who lives in Staffordshire, started talking about a day in 2016 where he spoke about all hope being lost and thinking about never finding happiness again.

He then spoke about an amazing six years before saying that his life changed when Fosun took over Wolves in 2016, a take over which saw the club move up in the Premier League.

He said: "It all comes down to one day in 2016, at a time when you think all hope is lost and you're never going to find happiness again, somebody comes into your life and turns it all around.

"In the last six years, there's been so unbelievable times and I've experienced highs I didn't think I'd ever get to, as on July 21, 2016, Fosun completed their take over of the Wolves.

"They fired us back into the Premier League and into the Quarter-finals of the Europa League, so could we please have a toast, up the Wolves."

The video has been liked and shared many times online with one comment saying 'this is the best speech I've seen yet'.

Despite the jokes, Drew does end his speech by expressing his love for his new bride as the 'kindest', 'funniest' and 'most caring' person he has ever met.