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The Amazing Bubble Man, Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury - review

The room was filled with unstable and volatile vessels that could erupt at any time and without warning.


Onlookers watched open mouthed as one of the articles in question drifted slowly towards them, knowing any touch could cause an explosion.

Then it happened – the spherical object touched a child's finger, causing water and air to disperse rapidly.

There were great cheers, and then more as another bubble floated to the ceiling and popped on one of the theatre's lights. This was the Amazing Bubble Man's show. We were treated to quite the repertoire – bubbles within bubbles within bubbles, giant bubbles, bubbles filled with smoke, bubbles popped in slow motion, a boy getting a water pistol fired in his face… okay, maybe that last one is more amusing than amazing.

With the show being about bubbles and so many children in the audience, it was only right that there was plenty of audience participation.

The main man himself pitched his effort just right – very much in control but with a light-hearted touch and jokes that would appeal to children and adults in the audience.

More than anything else, it showed just what can be done with the humble bubble in those precious few seconds before it inevitably dries up and pops.

It showed imagination, creativity, perseverance and fun – all things I'm sure we'd all want our children to take on board.

As the final bubbles disappeared, the children's smiles showed their bubble had certainly not burst.

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