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Polish community comes together to celebrate heritage

May is a special month in the calendar for one of the minorities, every year Polish embassies and consulates worldwide encourage Polish communities to organise community events and celebrate their heritage together.

Adam Fejfer with Deputy Lord Lieutenant Veronica Lillis and Kate Fejfer

In our county, the Shropshire European Organisation CIC, run by Kate Fejfer and her volunteers, organises one in Oswestry.

Kate said: "Our organisation organises many events across the county, and this year we have decided to celebrate our heritage in Oswestry. With the great help of Qube, a local charity we were appreciative of their help and offered a space. We prepared an exhibition about Polish pilots and delicious Polish food. We were surprised by the number of people who came.

"We want to thank everyone who attended and shared their stories with us, including Deputy-Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire, Veronica Lillis, and Polish Consul from Manchester, Mr Gromski."

Deputy Lord Lieutenant Veronica Lillis with Shropshire European Organisation CIC

Shropshire European organisation CIC is a local community organisation that supports ethnic minorities and organises community events to celebrate diverse events with the whole community.

By Kate Fejfer - Contributor

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