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Rotary to have role in Shrewsbury’s potential future development

Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club welcomed guest speaker Shrewsbury BID executive director Seb Slater (left) to their meeting, pictured with rotary club president David Morris

Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club members have been given an update on a number of new developments coming to Shrewsbury - and been assured that they will be an important sounding board for future plans.

Shrewsbury BID executive director Seb Slater attended the club and said it could become a ‘focus group’ for various plans the not-for-profit organisation is considering, outlining some of those plans in a talk to members whose response, he said, would provide important feedback on proposed initiatives and ideas.

New initiatives being proposed by the Shrewsbury Big Town Plan Partnership, of which Shrewsbury BID is a member along with Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council, include a cycle hire scheme, involving a proper cycle route from the railway station to the hospital.

The need for more cycle parking in the town centre; the trialling of an electric bus service; a river taxi infrastructure; delivery of goods to a hub from which they would be cycled into the town; new developments for people to live in the town centre.

In answer to a question, Seb told members that BID was actively pursuing retention of a swimming pool in the town centre, saying: "We would like to keep the baths in the Quarry and we are also looking into the distinct lack of hotel space in the town. It would be great if we could have a five star hotel in the town centre.

"It is a real shame that we are losing University Centre Shrewsbury and we very much hope that a university presence in the town centre can be reestablished in the near future.

"We are also working with local artists, which is important to lift the town’s image, and artists as a community have felt very welcome. We support the cultural life of the town, and at the same time we are also supporting a café culture which Shrewsbury is ideally suited for."

In answer to another member’s question about the decline in the cleanliness of the town, Seb added: "This is a live discussion – we would like to see the town more cared for in a range of ways.

"We recognise this is an issue and this is part of our on-going discussions with the local authority."

He added: “The town centre is more enjoyable to move around without traffic dominating and encourages visitors to spend more time and money in the town centre. The new Shrewsbury Moves strategy also includes ideas for much needed transformation of the public transport network."

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