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Kevin Wilkin wants to continue as the boss of Telford

AFC Telford United boss Kevin Wilkin says he wants to carry on if he is wanted.

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Despite improved performances, Wilkin has been unable to drag the Bucks off the foot of National League North.

But when asked if he wants to carry on after relegation is confirmed, Wilkin said: “If people want me at the club, then that is how I see it.

“I would be the first one to hold my hands up and say I have not quite pushed it to the level that I would have hoped.

“When you come into a job you see it from the outside, but then you understand what you are dealing with.

“When you look at it overall, we have been missing some good players for a lot of games for whatever reason, but we are more competitive and hopefully, we are more organised.

“We are fitter but equally, it is about winning games and doing that on a regular basis and I have got to move that team to that position.

“Not avoiding the subject it is highly likely that we are going to get relegated, that is reality and if you try to convince yourself that it is not then you would be a bit daft wouldn’t you?

“I look at it and think we are always trying to progress the club and the team and players have got to share that desire to want to do that and be in that position and that is at any level that we end up playing.

“My task is, whatever happens, I want to leave the club in a better place, if they get rid of me then hopefully it is in a better place and I have made decisions to move the club forward.

“You need a bit of luck along the way at any level, but I will continue to work hard for the club and make the right decisions to a more achieving group.”